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Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a type of eyelash extension technique where multiple ultra-thin and lightweight lash extensions which are called fans are applied to a single natural eyelash. This creates a fuller, more dramatic look compared to classic and hybrid lash extensions,

During this diligent procedure, individual eyelash extensions are delicately applied to each of your natural lashes. 

This set is perfect for those who like to have a dramatic look at all times.  However, this set is also recommended for clients who have a small amount of lashes or damaged lashes with many gaps. Each set is customized to your liking of fluff and can also be adjusted during your lash refills. 

The lash diameter used for this lash set is 0.03. 

volume 1.jpg.jpg

Client Review ​

Super nice and the lashes she did on me look so pretty definitely recommend it!

Heysel Is

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