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Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lash extensions offer the best of both worlds, blending the elegance of classic lashes with the drama of volume lashes. Imagine a look that's not just fabulous but also utterly captivating. 

During this diligent procedure, individual eyelash extensions are delicately applied to each of your natural lashes. A hybrid set consists of a mix of classic lashes and small-volume fans to create the perfect fluffy and natural set. 

This set is best for an everyday natural look with a touch of glam. The result is a timeless and elegant look perfect for a day-to-day look or even a night out glamour. Each set is customized to your liking of fluff and can also be adjusted during your lash refills. 

The lash diameter used for this lash set is 0.15 for the classic lash and 0.03 for the fans. 


Client Review ​

Naty is the best when it comes to lashes! Her place is so lovely and peaceful. She also waxes her brows so perfectly. 10/10 all around with any of her services.

Stephanie Arguello

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