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Eyelash Extension Course Packet

In this 1-on-1 eyelash extension course Naty will provide her students with a personalized and comprehensive experience for individuals looking to take on a side hustle. This personalized beginner eyelash course ensures you receive expert guidance, feedback, and hands-on practice to feel confident achieving a full set of lashes on your own.

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With years of endless learning and experience, Naty will provide you with all the knowledge to be successful in your lash journey. This course includes an eyelash kit with all the materials needed to complete a full lash set, refill, and removal. The course duration is four to six hours depending on how the student processes the information and if the student has prior knowledge of the information being provided. 

The course will begin with the fundamentals of eyelash extensions, including the history, safety, hygiene practices, client communication, and consent forms, and explain the different types of lash sets. During the course, the student will learn about all three different lash styles (classic, hybrid, and volume). 


Once the student understands the basics of each lash set they will learn hands-on in applying the extensions, including isolating and preparing natural lashes, placing and bonding extensions, and creating various lash styles. Most importantly, in the it provided to each student, will have additional information and tips on the knowledge being provided. Naty will also teach you on which styles suit each eyelash and how to achieve them. 

Naty's mentees will also be trained in providing the correct aftercare in order for clients to have amazing retention. Students have the option to come back another day after the course to bring in a live model and have Naty guide them in completing the perfect lash set. 

Lastly, Naty's goal is for her students to walk out of the course feeling confident in doing their beginner's lash course. Aspiring technicians learn about starting and managing an eyelash extension business, including marketing strategies to attract and retain clients. ​Students will also have a three-month mentorship program where they can chat and talk on the phone with Nay about product recommendations or questions on how to further improve their lashing skills.

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