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Classic Lashes

A classic full set of lashes is the ultimate enhancement for your eyes. During this meticulous procedure, individual eyelash extensions are delicately applied to each of your natural lashes, meticulously crafting a lush and voluminous fringe. This set is best for an everyday natural look. The result is a timeless and elegant look that adds depth, definition, and a touch of glamour to your gaze. 

The lash diameter used for this lash set is 0.15, which is lightweight and perfect for anyone looking for an effortless lash style. 

Client Review

"I went to get my lash extensions done with Nathalie I got the classic full set and she was amazing. I had only done extensions twice before and was pretty reluctant because my eyes would get irritated from the glue, but not a single sting or burn. The whole experience was very comfortable and welcoming and my lashes feel so lightweight and look gorgeous!"

Mel Sigler

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