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1 -on- 1 Makeup Application Course

A 1-on-1 makeup application session provides a personalized and comprehensive experience for individuals looking to enhance their makeup skills. Tailored to your specific needs and preferences, this one-on-one session allows for in-depth instruction on makeup techniques, product selection, and individualized tips and tricks. This personalized session ensures that you receive expert guidance, feedback, and hands-on practice to achieve your desired makeup look and elevate your makeup application skills to the next level.

Prior to booking your course, I will do a consultation on the phone to better understand what type of makeup you currently do on yourself and what you would like to improve on. This course will take about two to three hours depending on the student's pace in understanding the information provided.


You will have several options on the materials being used in the course. You can bring your own products to the course and I can show you how to properly utilize them. The other option would be to only use my professional makeup kit. Lastly, the other option that I encourage students to do is to combine the use of their personal products with my professional kit. This is the best method that way you learn how to use your current products, and if any product is missing or recommended you can use Naty's kit.

Naty's goal is for her students to walk out of the course feeling confident in doing their own makeup. Following the course, Naty will provide her students with a list of products she recommends for them to purchase. Students will also have a three-month mentorship program where they can chat and talk on the phone with Nay about product recommendations or questions on how to further improve their makeup. 

Client Review

"Great experience with Naty. I needed a makeup lesson to freshen up my look and teach me what to do. She was patient and a great teacher. I have been able to duplicate the look and redid my whole routine and products. Now my daughter wants to get a lesson too! 😊"

Laura Alamery

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